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Before and after photos of your basement. Although we haven’t seen yours (yet), we’ve invested thousands of hours of time and talent in plenty of other basements BEFORE (ARGHHH!) to bring them to their AFTER condition (AHHHHH!). Nothing surprises us after more than 20 years in business. So don’t being embarrassed. We’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help!
Try this: move your easy chair downstairs and sit there for a while. How do you feel? Creepy-crawly? Dark and dank? Crowded? Slightly unhinged? Unhappy? If you’re like many homeowners, you’re not going to stay in your “dungeon” for a second longer than you absolutely must, are you?
So your basement, to all practical intents and purposes, is all but useless and off-limits to you. How many square feet of your home are in your No Man’s Land? Isn’t it a sad waste of potential?


After Clyde Construction has had its way (actually, YOUR way) with your basement, you’ll position your easy chair in it with the excitement and enthusiasm of a youngster on Christmas Day. See the new fireplace, the new entertainment center, the________ (fill in the blank; this is YOUR vision; we just transform it into your REALITY)? Notice the creative, practical, prudent use of existing space and lighting and the additional storage areas you didn’t even know you had!
We’ll work our tails off to make your basement renovation the envy of all who visit you in your new paradise. Wonderful woodworking and luxury design will be hallmarks of your new space.

Brilliant Basement Designs to Accommodate the Way You Use Your Basement

You’ll be amazed when a Clyde Construction representative visits your home, looks closely at your available basement space, and offers exciting, practical ways to transform it into a vision of practicality and delight. You may want a single open space to accommodate large gatherings or several smaller rooms that you can put to specific uses, or a combination. Whatever you decide, we can make it happen for you.

Other Ideas for Your Basement

• Make Your Basement into a Luxury Guest Quarters
When you have overnight guests, they’ll be delighted to find charming accommodations downstairs with a designated bathroom
• Work on and store your arts and crafts supplies. Keep your space-stealing hobbies--sewing, quilting, model-building, and more in your new basement.
• Watch your favorite sporting events on a big screen TV in your very own “Sports Den” (finished basement). Serve snacks and beverages, jump up and down, yell as loud and as long as you want; other family members and next door neighbors can be wherever they are nearby, doing their thing without getting a headache.
• Build a kitchenette into your remodeled basement and you won’t have to travel upstairs for food and drink.
• Entertain. Hold family gatherings, weekly poker game, parties, or crafting days in your newly refurbished basement. Add a full bar, entertainment center, tables and chairs, and you’re all set!
• Turn your basement into a well-designed, practical storage area. Stash seasonal clothes, lawn, snow and sports equipment, and other occasional use goods where they will be warm, dry, clean and close at hand. Get rid of monthly storage fees. Create exactly as much storage space as you need. (But remember: your “stuff” will grow to fill the available space, more than likely, so have us build you about 10% more than you believe you’ll need.)
• Fit a work shop into a corner of your new basement. The garage is usually too hot or too cold. If there’s no room anywhere else, your newly-remodeled basement can serve admirably
• Add a bathroom or a luxurious powder room to your basement. Eliminate the “Hurry up!” that goes on upstairs when everyone is getting ready for school, work or what-have-you so morning and evening won’t feel like it’s taking place in an emergency room every day of the week.
• Incorporate a Utility Room. Provide a sink, dedicated laundry room, cupboards, folding area, ironing board, and storage for tools and equipment
• Add a workout room and shower. All of your exercise equipment and gear will be right where you want it every time, unfolded and ready to use. Protect it all behind a locked door.
• Make space for recreation: ping pong, foosball and more can be set up and ready to go. Add a full bar and entertainment center to make it extra compelling.
• Just about everyone can use extra closet space. Add a cedar closet or some other well-protected space to store off-season clothes and keep moths and other critters away.
• Add a study or den or a larger work space for groups. Include a desk, study table, bookshelves, and a computer station with niches for business and study accessories.
• In the dead of winter, retreat downstairs to a cozy new fireplace.

At Clyde Construction, we have unlimited basement design options. And we can help you configure your basement to get the most out of the available space.

Become a Hero to Family and Friends

If you’ve ever been considered a dud for your inability to host large gatherings in your home because of space constraints, all that can end soon. Folks will soon be flocking to your door to enjoy new space and you. And even if your refurbished basement serves strictly as a storage unit, it will still free up the rest of your home so you can entertain and pursue other activities without being boxed in by clutter.

Trust Clyde Construction: Thousands of Delighted Customers Have Since 1990!


At Clyde Construction, our stellar reputation is built on the following:

Consideration and respect for each and every customer we serve
Superior workmanship
Competitive prices
Creative, made-to order-designs
Meticulous attention to detail
The highest level of professionalism
Flawless business ethics

At Clyde Construction, we stand behind our work.

Call us when you want to turn your basement into a treasure you can be proud of.

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